Our Products

Find out why ceramic is our preferred sex toy material and the methods we use to create our products

Why is ceramic our preferred sex toy material?

Ceramic is incredibly durable, body-safe and non-toxic, as well as being non-porous. Ideal for temperature play, and super versatile in use; ceramic will revolutionize your sex toy experience. 

One of our favourite features of ceramic is that it is super easy to care for - check out our care guide for more information! 

How are our products made?

Our products are made on a pottery wheel using white stoneware clay. Each product goes through a minimum of two kiln firings - a bique fire and a glaze fire, to ensure the clay is non-porous and body-safe. Each kiln firing is utilized to its max capacity to ensure we are being efficient with the energy being used, and our kiln is partially solar-powered to reduce the electricity used from the grid. 

How long does it take to make each product? 

From start to finish, it can take up to 2 weeks to make each product. We stock both Pre-made products, as well as a Made-to-order range so you can personalize your ceramic sex toy. 

An order which contains only pre-made products and/or lubricant will be dispatched the following business day. 

An order which contains a mix of Pre-made and Made-to-order products and/or lubricant will be dispatched within 2 weeks, when the made-to-order product is completed. 

If your order only contains made-to-order products, this will be dispatched within 2 weeks when the products are completed. 

As we only stock a limited number of pre-made products, we cannot guarantee when a specific pre-made item will be restocked.

For our Made-to-order range, we allow for the time the design/pattern and writing application takes, as well as for the time it takes for two kiln firings. We fire our kiln in batches to ensure we are being efficient with the space within our kiln and the power used. 

Can I request a custom product? 

Of course! If you have a design in mind that differs from those available in our store, please checkout our custom design page
The pricing for bespoke designs will depend on the size and complexity of the product. Unfortunately, we cannot create designs which are above 11 inches.
Any design quotes are not inclusive of shipping cost. 

Where do we source our materials from, and where are our products made? 

Our clay and glazes are sourced from within New Zealand's North Island to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, and we only support New Zealand-owned suppliers. 

But, isn't ceramic uncomfortable or scary to use? 

Not at all! Similarly to glass sex toys; ceramic sex toys are designed to be durable and safe to use. Perfect for more direct stimulation, and ideal for temperature play, ceramic sex toys are a whole new world of stimulation when it comes to sex toys. We like to compare ceramic sex toys to the firmness of massage stones; but instead of massaging the outside, you're massaging the inside! 

Traditional sex toys are made of soft, squishy materials which are designed to mimic the tissue of the human body. Ceramic offers a different type of stimulation, and we honestly believe that every toy box should have at least one ceramic sex toy in it - don't knock it until you try it! 

Will my sex toy vary slightly from the photos shown onsite? 

All of our products are hand-made to order, and as a result, no two products are ever exactly the same. We measure our clay before creating each product to maintain a very similar size. However, the proportions and dimensions can vary slightly as each product is constructed. We try our absolute best to ensure the sizing is as close as possible to the measurements onsite. 

However, please allow for up to half an inch difference in size for both length and girth.

Similarly, the effects of the glazes and designs on the clay can vary, due to a number of factors. Especially when working with multiple colours on one product. 

But look on the bright side - each product is uniquely your own! 

How does adding writing to my product work? 

On each product page you are given the option to add a nickname or writing up to 15 characters. The writing will either be written around the base of your product in a light or dark colour to contrast against the base colour chosen. For example; if a purple/pink gradient pattern is chosen, the writing will be pink against the purple to ensure it is visible. All characters are printed in capital letters around the base. 

Is ceramic heavy or difficult to use?

Ceramic sex toys are typically heavier than their silicone counterparts. All of our products are solid in design, so please keep in mind that the larger the product, the heavier it will be. To help make our products easier to use and hold, we ensure each product has a flared base to hold - ceramic and lubricant can make things pretty slippery! The base of all toys is left glaze-free, so there is a change in texture on the base. 

An item I want to purchase is out of stock, when will this be restocked? 

Our products are made in batches, which can take over a week to create from start to finish. We make new batches to meet demand, so there is no guarantee when certain products will be restocked.