Should I use lubricant with a ceramic toy?

Ceramic sex toys are super smooth to the touch, and lubricant can take that to a whole new level. 

Created with food-safe glaze, our ceramic toys have a glass-like feel to them, which can get a bit slick once wet with lubricant. This only adds to the level of sensations that can be experienced, and we 100% recommend utilizing a lubricant during play! 

But what type of lubricant should you use? That depends on how you plan to play! 


"You can tailor your lubricant to how you want to play, rather than to the type of toy that you have."


One of our favourite things about ceramic sex toys is that you can use any type of lubricant with them. Whether you have silicone, oil-based, water-based, or any other lubricant type, they are all compatible with ceramic toys - woohoo! 

This means that you can tailor your lubricant to how you want to play, rather than to the type of toy that you have. For example; your ceramic dildo can be used to dip your toes into anal play with some silicone lubricant without you having to worry about the silicone lubricant reacting negatively to the material of your dildo. 

If you are someone who produces a fair amount of natural lubricant when aroused or throughout play, then you may not need to use as much extra lubricant when using a ceramic toy. As ceramic is non-porous, the material won't soak up any lubricant. Instead, the toy will remain slick and slippery, and glide along better than ever! 

Not only is this great for your wallet (since you won't need to purchase lubricant as often), but it is also a big win for the environment as well. The less lubricant bottles purchased, the better, as the vast majority are packaged in plastic. 


While ceramic sex dildos may not require as much lubricant, we still recommend using more rather than less during anal play. Unlike the vagina lubricant doesn't naturally occur in the anus, so lubricant is a must for comfortable anal play. A silicone lubricant is ideal as it will not dry out during play, so you won't need to reapply as much. 

We also highly recommend checking out whether an organic lubricant may be suitable to you. Not only are these typically more environmentally conscious, but may be better suited to certain pH levels as well. Vulva can be extremely sensitive to a lot of chemicals found in popular lubricants, so if you find yourself reacting to most common lubricant brands, checkout a local organic lubricant for a new alternative. 

If you haven't checked out our range of Bonk Lubricants yet, we highly recommend that you do! 


Have more questions about ceramic sex toys and lubricant? Don't hesitate to contact us, and we'd be happy to help!  


Sophie is our resident sex toy enthusiast with over 4 years experience in the adult toy industry. 
Based in the Greater Wellington Region, Sophie is a coffee-loving, queer, cis-woman and is inspired by the artistic, sex-positive and LGBTQIA+ inclusive nature of the city she has called home for the past 8 years. 
Passionate about sustainability, sexuality and pottery, Sophie has combined those passions by creating the sex toy line of Clean Satisfaction alongside her husband Jason. 

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