Why choose a ceramic sex toy?

When choosing an adult toy ceramic is probably the last material that comes to mind. Most adult toys are made from silicone, plastic, rubber or jelly materials, with some glass and metal ranges available as well. The majority of materials used are designed to mimic the feel of real skin, so they are as lifelike as possible. Which may be something that floats your boat.  

Ceramic on the other hand is much more solid, and may be a sensation that is unusual when compared to other adult toys. However, it is well worth trying! When using food safe glazes, ceramic is completely body-safe and non-porous, which makes it ideal for both vaginal and anal play. Ceramic is also perfect for temperature play, whether you want to heat things up or send chills up your spine. 

It may not seem like it at first, but ceramic is incredibly versatile. 


"The journey of using ceramic sex toys is one of self-discovery, which can take your pleasure to a whole new level."  


With the first dildo dating back to the Stone Age, firm, solid forms have been used for stimulation and pleasure for over 30,000 years. Utilizing phallic shapes and strategically placed ridges for extra sensation, it leaves little to the imagination about what these items were used for.

So why go back to using something that could be considered archaic? Sometimes simple pleasures can be just that - simple. Ceramic offers a no-fuss level of stimulation that connects you to your body in a way that differs from modern vibrators. The firmness of ceramic sex toys allows you to really feel and connect with the sensations being experienced. You will notice each push and pull of your toy, and mentally register the pleasure that you are bringing yourself. 

By choosing to use a sex toy manually, with no additional sensations being created by the toy, you are focusing on how your body and movements are corresponding, and learning what movements feel best. The journey of using ceramic sex toys is one of self-discovery, which can take your pleasure to a whole new level. 

Ceramic is known for being firm to the touch, but many are not aware of the influence temperature can have on ceramic. When first experimenting with ceramic, we recommend warming the toy up to body temperature before using. Exploring temperature play once more acquainted with your ceramic toy is a must try, and will showcase how versatile ceramic truly is. 


The sensations experienced when using a ceramic sex toy will also vary depending on the size and shape of your toy.
A classic dildo has smooth, straight lines which are incredibly versatile for many different types of play. A curved dildo is ideal for target g-spot or p-spot stimulation.

A standard butt plug has a delicious weight to it, to go along with that 'full' feeling that plugs can give. Or a butt plug with multiple bulbs for extra stimulation as it is used. We also highly recommend using a ceramic toy gently against the clitoris for external stimulation. 

There are endless possibilities! 


Have more questions about ceramic sex toys? Don't hesitate to contact us, and we'd be happy to help! 


Sophie is our resident sex toy enthusiast with over 4 years experience in the adult toy industry. 
Based in the Greater Wellington Region, Sophie is a coffee-loving, queer, cis-woman and is inspired by the artistic, sex-positive and LGBTQIA+ inclusive nature of the city she has called home for the past 8 years. 
Passionate about sustainability, sexuality and pottery, Sophie has combined those passions by creating the sex toy line of Clean Satisfaction alongside her husband Jason. 


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